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    Residential Roof Repair

    Residential Roof Repair Charlotte NCResidential roof repair in Charlotte, NC has been made easy as all it takes is one quick phone call to Rose Roofing. We can send a member of our team right over to take care of the problem. Some signs that you are in need of roof repair include broken shingles, a loss of granules in your shingles, seals that have sustained damage because of ice dams, and holes in the roof.

    There are also signs inside the home that indicate roof repair is needed. Water leaks are the most obvious sign followed by peeling paint and mildew, mold or a foul odor in your attic. The next step in the process is identifying what caused those warning signs to appear. The roofing team at Rose Roofing have encountered all types of issues that call for roof repair. Homeowners are often surprised to learn about some of the reasons and they are as follows:

    • Debris buildup – Falling leaves, twigs and other kinds of debris can settle on your roof and start to hold moisture and water. Over time, this can wind up seeping into your roof and causing a leak.
    • Too much moisture – In bigger homes, some higher parts of the roof have gutters that wind up draining down on other lower parts of the rooftop. This can also lead to a buildup of water, but the good news is that it can usually be fixed by extending the downspout.
    • Disappearing shingles – Harsh weather conditions can blow shingles right off a roof. Because people typically do not get a close look at their roofs, they could wind up having part of it exposed for a significant amount of time. Eve a small amount of exposure could do some damage.

    When there is a problem with your roof, it is integral to use only the best materials in the repair process. At Rose Roofing, we use products that are considered to be the very best in the industry. That includes using the best brands of flashing, shingles and even the nails that secure shingles into place.

    As part of our roof repair service to homes, we examine the entirety of the roof to check for other problem areas. This serves as a type of preventative maintenance that can catch minor problems before they can develop into major ones.

    When it comes time for residential roof repair in Charlotte, NC, contact the experienced team of professionals at Rose Roofing.