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    Charlotte NC Roof Contractors

    At some point in time, every homeowner is going to need the services of a roofing company. The average life of a roof generally lasts anywhere from 15 to 25 years. The changing seasons can take their toll and it is not uncommon for homeowners to replace their roof at some point.

    Regardless of what kind of roof you have on your home, the professionals at Rose Roofing will strip your roof down to the deck and be sure to maintain the structural integrity of your home. There is no part of the process our roofing contractors will overlook as we conduct every job with a detailed and meticulous process. We install all types of new roofs along with brand new chimney flashing as well.

    Experienced Charlotte Roofers

    Our team of experienced roofers will also take all measures to ensure that your new roof is properly ventilated. Many times, roof issues begin to occur because the area is not equipped with adequate ventilation. The team at Rose Roofing puts its expert care in installing any type of shingle roof.

    Not every roofing job calls for the installation of a new roof as some older roofs can be salvaged. Our team of Charlotte roofing contractors can replace shingles, install new ventilation and update chimney flashing as part of our roof repair service. Normal wear and tear is a quick and efficient fix for all the types of roofing Charlotte, NC features in both residential homes and commercial buildings. When you choose Rose Roofing as your next roofing contractor, you can be assured to receive the following benefits:

    • Quality workmanship

    • Honest assessments

    • Reputable products

    • Expert advice

    For the best roofing contractors Charlotte, NC has to offer, contact the fully licensed and insured team at Rose Roofing. Our experienced technicians are available to meet the roofing needs of homeowners and businesses throughout the Charlotte area.