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    Roof Installation

    Roof Installation Charlotte NCWhen you decide roof installation is the right move for your home, Rose Roofing will get right to work on making that a reality. We have a team of trained roofing technicians who will get right to work on removing your old roof before installing a new one. There are several choices when it comes to the type of material used on your roof. Here is a look at some of the most popular choices.

    Shingle roofs

    The majority of homes across the country are topped with shingles and there are a wide variety of these to choose from. Shingles are a more affordable option because of the low level difficulty in terms of labor. Shingles are one of the easier types of roof to install. Repair is also a lot easier and that is something to keep in mind for the future. Durability also comes into play with shingles as these roofs can last anywhere from 25 to 50 years.

    Metal roofs

    Once used primarily on commercial buildings, metal roofs are becoming more widely used on homes. Metal roofing is lightweight and does not compromise the structure. Homeowners experience lower energy bills as metal actually reflects heat. Metal can also become weather resistant by applying a coat of paint. The construction of metal panels stands up very well to hail and high winds and will not blow away like shingles do.

    Shake roofs

    A cedar shake roof is revered because it provides a beautiful look that cannot be duplicated by other roofs. The one key is that installation has to be just right in order for shake roofs to last a long time. Otherwise, you could be in the market for a new roof in as little as 10 years. The price may be a little higher, but it is usually worth it because of the curb appeal. They are also considered to be environmentally friendly.

    No matter what kind of roof you choose, we will take the time and dedication to make sure it is installed properly, so that no water ever seeps into your home. Ice and water shields, underlayments, flashing, and roof caps are all used in the roof installation process. We also provide warranties with our roof installation while certain roofing products we use have warranties of their own.

    When you are ready for roof installation services in Charlotte, NC or any of the surrounding areas, contact Rose Roofing and let us get the job done right.