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    Residential Roof Installation

    Roofing Installation Services Charlotte NCInstalling a roof on a home comes with a lot of planning and decision making. There are a number of choices homeowners need to make leading up to the actual installation phase. Those decisions involve picking out the materials that are to be used on the roof, the timeline for completion, and the overall amount homeowners are willing to spend. Rose Roofing guides you through that process, which leads up to residential roof installation which includes the following steps.

    • Protect house with tarps – Things are going to get messy, which is why we use heavy tarps that cover the entire length of your house. There is also a lot of dust flying around during this process, so it pays to be prepared.
    • Strip down roof – By stripping down your roof to the wood, our roofers can thoroughly inspect the roof deck. This is also a chance to identify any unexpected issues.
    • Installing ice and water shield – The installation of this product adds more protection for your roof in the event that water or ice starts to dam anywhere on your roof, or in your gutters.
    • Underlayment installation – This part of the process is very important because a synthetic underlayment serves as another layer of protection. This keeps rain from finding a way to get underneath shingles and compromising the structural integrity of your roof.
    • Flashing installations – This is done generously to every area that requires it. Rose Roofing also installs drip edges and starter strips to ensure that your roof is fully protected.
    • Ventilating the roof – Once we have finished with all the nailing and securing the roof shingles, it’s time to make sure the attic area is properly ventilated. This may include the installation of vents in the roof to make sure moisture or humidity does not become excessive in the attic.
    • Capping the roof – When you opt to top your roof with shingles, this is the final stage of the installation process. A hip cap and ridge cap serves the purpose of sealing off those areas where the shingles line up together.

    There are other details that we cover as part of our residential roof installation, and this very process provides a glimpse at how calculated and precise we do things at Rose Roofing. Even our cleanup process is very detailed as we will not leave any debris behind.

    When you are ready for residential roof installation in Charlotte, NC, call on the fully-insured and experienced team of Roofers at Rose Roofing.