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    Roof Replacement

    Roof Replacement Service Charlotte NCRose Roofing offers roof replacement for all different styles of homes. Our team of professional roofers is also skilled in replacing roofs made from all different materials. Asphalt shingles, cedar shake, slate, and metal roofs have all been part of the many roof replacement jobs taken on by Rose Roofing. We will take the time to evaluate your roof and provide you with an estimate, according to your preferences.

    Financial benefits of roof replacement

    An investment in roof replacement can actually wind up putting more money back in your pocket. It may seem like you are forking over quite a bit of money for this service, but here is a look at how it can all come back to benefit you.

    • Lower insurance premiums – Depending on which company insures your home, there is a chance to lower your monthly rates with roof replacement. This is due to the fact that a new roof is more capable of standing up to damage from storms and high winds. That actually minimizes the risk to your home.
    • Higher resale value – Investors who are looking to buy homes generally favor ones with newer roofs. By investing in roof replacement, a home instantly becomes more appealing to prospective buyers. It also allows sellers to increase their asking price.

    Roof replacement on residential homes is a very structured process. Rose Roofing begins by removing all the shingles and that is followed by a thorough inspection of all the areas containing flashing. We also take the time to check out the chimney, drip edges, valleys and any plumbing vents. It is critical to assess every part of the roof when carrying our roof replacement service. We also adhere to all the local building codes and make sure each one is satisfied.

    Complete cleanup

    Roof replacement can also produce a lot of debris, which is why we take measures to provide a very detailed cleanup process. This includes covering up the side of your home and any landscaping down in the yard. We also use magnetized tools to pick up nails and other kinds of debris that may be hiding outside of your home. Once the job is complete, we fill a dumpster with all that debris and haul it away. After we are gone, the only evidence left behind is a brand new roof.

    Rose Roofing provides roof replacement services in Charlotte, NC and the neighboring areas.